Climate change

Climate change: Causes, Effects and Solutions

Do you know that we are responsible for the climate change? Have you any idea about it? Yes, it is the thinking of many peoples that it means a warmer temperature which is increasing day by day. Actually, it is more than a temperature rise warmer temperature is just the beginning of the story.

We are living on the planet, Earth, here everything is from a system and connected with each other so, the change in one thing can create influence on the whole system. It is noted by the climate scientists that we are responsible for global heating from the last 200 years. We humans are the cause of greenhouse gases that are increasing the temperature of Earth.

There is a marked difference in the temperature of 2024 from the temperature of Earth before industrial revolution. It refers to the long-term changes of temperatures and conditions of weather. We can say that these changes are happening due to the activities of the Sun, carbon dioxide and methane gas.

These gases are releasing from greenhouse and burning of fossils or coal which are the main causes of it. Different sectors are also causing green house gases like energy sector, building sector transport sector and agricultural sector. So, we should have its complete knowledge and learning.

Consequences of climate change

Climate change results in the degradation of the moral values of the capitalist countries and the major economic countries.

Following are the consequences of this change in climate.

  1. Increasing sea level
  2. Melting of glaciers or snow caps
  3. droughts.
  4. Decline in biodiversity.
  5. Scarcity of water
  6. floods


The global crisis which we are facing in the form of rising temperature, extreme conditions of weather and disappearing of ecosystems is known as climate change. It is demanding an urgent action from us because its a threat to the future of our planet. We should take sustainable solutions of it by international cooperation and individual commitment to safe and secure our world for our future generations. It is a challenging task so it requires collective efforts of all. Actually, these significant and lasting alterations which are happening in the climate patterns of the earth due to human activities. These activities include the release of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide CO2, Methane CH4 and Nitrous oxide N2O which are the cause of the rise of temperature. If we want to address the affects of these changes, we should make policy frameworks like Paris agreement and many other measures for the betterment of our planet.

Impact of climate change on environment

It has complex and pressing impacts on our environment. According to IPCC temperature of the universe is rising continuously. And according to WHO it is the greatest threat to global health system in this 21st century.

Some major impacts of it on the environment are following.

  • Size of deserts is increasing.
  • Fires and heat waves are more common.
  • Glaciers are melting.
  • Sea level is increasing.
  • Changes in environments are happening.
  • Decline in biodiversity.
  • Disappearing of ecosystems.

Causes, effects and sustainable solutions of climate change

13 billion years ago, our universe was created. As we were started journey of civilization, we held a competition of putative success to reach on peak, so that’s why, countries faced havoc problems and issues. That’s why it is one of the burning questions of today’s world.

Climate change meant the change pattern of rains, heavy floods, Bursts of heavy clouds, unusual increase in overall temperature, cyclone and inflation of environmental pollution. It is not an environmental problem, it is also a social injustice that is imposed by the group of developed countries and this displayed the poverty, lawlessness, the rule of might and the race of superiority. All these factors steered the instigation of this change change.

Top three issues of climate change

Following elements are regarded as the big three issues of it.

  1. Carbon dioxide.
  2. Methane.
  3. Nitrous oxide.

Global health is greatly succumbed of this change in climate. One billion children are being affected from the disaster of climate change. As we talk about Pakistan according to climate change, we are at high jeopardy victim of climate change, we only emit 0.88% carbon of the whole world but we are at the top list of mostly affected countries from this disaster

Examples of this change in climate

We are losing 1.66billion dollars every year from this devastation from GDP growth level.  Agricultural countries are highly facing uncontrolled low growth production of crops due to floods and heavy rains. This change patronized the reduction of glaciers and turn to melt on large scale and glaciers are going to become canals.

It is apparent in Antarctic region where the scientist is hold to counter the large inflow of water from glaciers. It is giving birth to pollution, extreme weather, floods, mental problems and greenhouse gases. Volcanic eruption, ocean circulation and earth motions are also producing by it.

What are the big three climate changes?

CO2, CH4 and N2O the greenhouse gases are considered big three changes.

Many international conferences on climatic change are taking place, Recently COP 28 are held in UAE. The main purpose of this conference is to mitigate aftershocks of climate change and compensate the developing countries that are mostly being affected from this change.

But the most stimulating and shocking news is that the countries who are the champions of these conference are really the beneficiaries of this change. G7 countries, all these countries are industrialist countries and responsible for ins and outs of this disaster. They emit 90% carbon all over the world. Only 2.4% funds are being used to counter this disease.

How we can save our planet from this change of climate?

We can save our planet by following the instructions that are given below.

  • Save energy at home.
  • Walk or use public transport.
  •  Use of electric vehicles.
  • Reduce, reuse, repair or recycle.
  • Use less hot water.
  • Plant more trees.
  • Reduce the emission of carbon dioxide.

Responsibilities of developed and developing countries regarding the change of climate

Now the need of hours is that the developing countries should cop this disaster by reducing population growth, increase health infrastructure and to stop deforestation and continuation of policy about to dispel from all enigma.

Of view a report was published from the United Nations agency that the year 2023 remained hottest year from all the time. This reveals how our Earth is facing problems regards of global warming and ozone depletion and green house gasses. Global warming is due to extreme release of carbon dioxide and other impurities.

Role of Paris Agreement

That’s why the temperature of the earth is increasing with the passage of time. In 2015 Paris agreement ensured all the world that if we not take any requisite step the future of the earth would be dangerous for our generations and hoped that every country would take step to decrease the earth temperature level up to 2 degrees centigrade but now in COP 28 all these obligations are turned down by the developed countries due to their economical benefits.

Now the temperature of earth is increasing and unleased a threshold that this crisis would not only destroy the developing countries but also developed countries because climate change has no boundary limitations. It is beyond the limits and its consequences are exempt free from the lands. When one country is affected, it is mandatory that its neighbouring country would also not leave behind from its consequences that would be bad for all.

Role of UNO in the solution of climate change

United Nations Organizations is playing vital role in the solution of this grave problem by supporting the poor and developing countries or by implementing conditions on the rich and developed countries that are responsible for the emission of greenhouse gasses.

List of the countries that are producing much greenhouse gasses than others

Following countries are producing more greenhouse gasses than others.

  • United States
  • China
  • India
  • European Union
  • Indonesia
  • Russian Federation
  • Brazil  

This change of climate would not be stop at one country, it may go side by side and its results would go the countries and then continent and then whole world would suffer from this catastrophe. Frost fire also due to this change and most of the European countries are felt the taste ofclimate change.

African counties have not saved from the disaster of this massive change and many countries of continent Africa are affected from food insecurity and poor condition of infrastructure due to this change and their people are facing heinous diseases such malaria, black cough, typhoid and many water diseases.

It is the not only duty of United Nation but also the developed countries to think about this crisis on the merit of humanity and natural disaster and ensure to tackle this crisis by providing bulk of funds and most important to change their policy of might and help out the devastated countries, its is our world, if we thought that we would not suffer then we are living in the life of daydreams and destruction would be our fate.


To conclude the whole discussion, it may say that it is a universal problem and it would be solved by the international cooperation and universal policies. Otherwise, it is a big and constant threat to our future generations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It refers to the natural variations like significant changes in temperature and the human induced alterations like deforestation in the climate system of Earth. There are many causes of it including greenhouse gases deforestation, burning of fossil fuels, processing of industries and our agricultural practices that trap the heat and causes global warming.

The main gases include carbon dioxide CO2, methane CH4, nitrous oxide N2O and some fluorinated gases which are creating this pressing challenge. In these gases CO2 is the most abundant gas which is constantly emitted from burning of fossil fuels for getting energy and from deforestation.

It has complex, pressing and for reaching impacts on our societies, ecosystems and economies. Nowadays we are confronting rise in temperature melting of glacier, rising of sea levels and extreme weather events including wildfires floods hurricanes and all these phenomena are a challenge to our health, well being and living.

Every problem has its solution we can adopt measures like reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, implementing and promoting sustainable practices in transportation industry and agriculture or by investing in climate resilient infrastructure to protect our vulnerable communities.

Every individual can take various efforts and can contribute by saving energy at home, recycling, planting of trees, supporting and advocating the climate friendly policies or by raising the importance of this global issue within the communities and networks in which she is living.

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