Simile: Definition, Examples and Use

First of all, we get to know what is simile? It is a poetic device that is used in literature to make a comparison between two unlike things. Like all figurative devices it creates or evoke emotion and connection into the reader’s mind.

It is an explicit or clear comparison between two things and describes a quality of specific thing and used to emphasize or exaggerate something. we compare something while using it with the help of words, like, as and than.

Examples of simile

He is as brave as lion.

I wandered lonely as a cloud.

He shines like a moon

Importance and uses

The main aim of using it is to create vivid imagery, elevate emotions and gives a sensory description of something. It enhances the work of prose, poetry, literature and everyday speeches.


Simile: a literary device that is used to make direct surprising comparison of two different things. This figure of speech enhances the beauty of literary works. By using this figure speech, a writer compares two things directly on the basis of similarity using the words like, as or than.

Actually, it is applied to create a vivid description and giving imaginative connection to both of the things. It is used to create vibrant pictures of things in our mind. It gives colorful sparks to writings by the fireworks of language. So, it is employed by the writers for comedic as well as decorative elements.

Use in poetry

In poetry it is used to enhance or beautify something. It gives color to poetry and poets use it to create uniqueness into their poetry. When poets use it into poetry, it enriches the effect of poetry. It makes an ordinary sentence into extraordinary. It gives knowledge and understanding of theme. By the use of it writers express their feelings and emotions along with the readers.

 Examples from poetry

O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright! It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night, Like a rich jewel in an Ethiopia‚Äôs ear.” – Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

Use in writing

In writing it is used to emphasize a quality of something. It gives a vivid image and highlights the ability of a writer to use it into their is a remarkable way to provide your point of view to your readers because it gives both interest and a clear image

Examples from writings

You sing like an angel.

He runs as fast as lightning.

Use in everyday conversation

 In everyday conversation it gives richness to your conversation, builds a clear picture of some image and evokes your emotions from your heart.

Example of daily conversation

He is as mean as a troll.

Life is a box of chocolate.

What is the difference between simile and metaphor?

There are many people who are confused between to understand their difference. Although both are two different rhetorical devices but still there is some confusion. It is very easy to make a difference between them, for example simile is a comparison with the help of words, like, as or than. On the other hand, metaphor is a direct comparison between things, for example,

As brave as lion.

He is a lion(metaphor).


In the end it is clear that it is a piece of figurative language and writers use it to make their idea clearer and to enhance their writings. It is a beautiful technique that make the writing more attractive.

When the readers read something about literature, they feel great pleasure and amusement. Writers use it into poetry, prose and others writings, it is also used in speeches in order to emphasize an idea.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Mostly it is used literature but people also used it in daily conversations, advertisements and speeches.

Yes, it is used to exaggerate humorously to create unexpected comparison.

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