Technology: Meaning Definition and Examples

What is technology? It is an application of scientific knowledge, techniques, tools, systems and methods which are processed and used by humans to solve problems, achieve specific goals and make the life easier and more efficient. As we started our journey from the rest of first civilization, then we are able to shape our nomenclature and finds new ways for the survival. That’s why human beings are engrossed in it such as use of fire with the help of stone.

This is the first concept of it, means that it played a pivotal role in the development of human civilization. Now the world became global village due to only technologies as life style, mode of communication and sound and tone of people is changing and more facilities are engaging us to encompass the whole world into this new phenomenon.

It is not only the name of facility but also how we used different methods and techniques to ameliorate our sense of personality and agitate to cope the world. now a days, it has become part and parcel for our whole life. This article verifies the different prospective of it such as artificial intelligence, different innovations and inventions and its dire impacts on society.

Importance of technology

It is playing an important role in shaping every aspect of modern human society. It is contributing in communication, education, healthcare, transportation, entertainment, research and business. It is also helpful in sustainability of environment global connectivity and enhancing the quality of life.


It is a broad term encompassing numerous fields and advancements in both science and engineering. Technologies are improving human life productivity and our understanding of the world. It includes various innovation like artificial intelligence, machine learning, information technology, biotechnology, nanotechnology and many more. The innovations of artificial intelligence and microscopic marvels of nanotechnologies are shaping our future by offering solutions of different global challenges. Information technology and telecommunication are also revolutionizing our life and works. These are also imposing ethical concerns like privacy security and ethical use on us.

Technologies in digital era

As we know that different inventions changed the face of whole world. The invention of printing press played a significant role in the development of digital era and bulb was invented by “Thomas Silva Adison ” and “Frady law ” contributed in the electricity and the invention of computer by “Charles Babbage ” and further improvement made this invention more reliable, so many inventions took place after first world war and second war.

An American scientist Thomas Edison is regarded as the father of technology.  Another American computer scientist John McCarthy is known as the father of artificial intelligence. This shaped the classical era to digital era.

Revolution in health care

It has contributed in entire course of life. It also revolutionized in health care industry such as the cure of many diseases as in the past there was no sign of recovery of such diseases and no access to the diagnosis. Now improvement has been made such as cure of tuberculosis and use of lithotripsy and most important treatment of cancer patients are recovered from differ method with the help of it.

Use of technologies in cyber security

As it is evolving, new techniques and method are introducing for the benefits of humanity. Cyber security helped to provide safety to the sensitive and private information and help to safeguard cyber crimes such as hacking, miss use of information and sensationalism and propaganda etc.

Mitigation of climate change

It proved to be a crucial factor in counter climate problems such as drip irrigation systems and use of drone system for yielding and artificial rain to revoke smog and fog factor and use of recycling of materials and green technologies strengthen to mitigate climate changes. In this way, it has a significant role in reducing the impact of climate change.

Economics and technologies

Technologies put aside the manual system and used the concept of multifaceted advancement in the realm of economics and banking transaction and e- commerce and concept of automation in trade corporation are highly owe only due to technologies. Block chain technologies and e visa and cards are held responsible for the framework of the advancement.

Role of technologies in education

Technologies and education are held responsible for each other and vise versa. As inventions are integral ally of education so it also helps in hasten to learn new learning style of education such as use of virtual class rooms, online platforms, negate traditional methods and search engines, artificial intelligence, key tools to check accessible work. All are able to find solutions of problems and created new avenues of life.

Ethical concern over technologies

It stimulates the accessibility of life but due to over advancement role also turmoil its functions. That ‘s why we have to create a sense of balance in these technological tools and social and moral values as both are the counterpart of society. This not only persevere our future goals but also save us from cconservative thought. Then we practically cope the world with batter way and our life would be automated and secure from every angle.

Examples of technology

There are many examples of it.

  • Smartphones
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Internet of things
  • Black chain
  • 3D printing
  • Biotechnology
  • Quantum computing
  • Cyber security
  • Augmented reality and Virtual reality
  • Renewable energy


Now its 21st century, world is approaching advancement and new prospect that are being held on the basis of technologies so its is our dire need to use it for the betterment of society and able to build up a sense of automatic thought and innovation to strengthen our planet by new tools and techniques. For all of these governments should thoroughly work together for the advancement of this technological sector and improvised by own authority and give a chance to youth to scale up their skills with energies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It is the use of scientific knowledge in practical fields for various purposes like problem solving, improvement of processes, creation of products and the enhancement of human capabilities.

Its common types include information technology, biotechnologies, nanotechnologies, use of robot’s, artificial intelligence and technologies of telecommunication and transportation.

It has a profound impact and influence on the societies. Now in this era of 21st century how we are living working and interacting is its impact. It is shaping our economies lifestyles and cultures. It is also presenting the solutions of global challenges and offering us the new opportunities.

It has a number of emerging trends like advancement of machine learning and artificial intelligence, 5G networking, gene editing, autonomous vehicles, smart cities internet of things and many others.

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