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Indian Foreign Service Salary: A Unique Package

What is Indian Foreign Service salary of IFS officers? An IFS officer at entry level receives INR 56100 basic salary per month which is without other allowances, with allowances, it can range from INR 70000 to INR 100000 per month. If the officer is posted abroad, receives foreign service allowance of posting country.

Indian Foreign Service salary of IFS officers based on 7th Pay Commission recommendations. According to the service, grade, rank and experience of the officers it varies. But it is a comprehensive salary package which an IFS officer earns that is the reward of consistent effort, knowledge and skills.

What is Indian Foreign Service?

Within India’s governmental framework, the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) is a reputable strategic service delegated with promoting the country’s interests around the world.  The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) supervises the Government Positions Examination, which is the process of acquiring entry into the incredibly competitive Indian Foreign Service.

Qualified candidates receive additional training at the Foreign Service Academy in New Delhi and the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) in Mussoorie. IFS officers carry out a range of social duties at Indian high commissioners, diplomatic missions, and delegations around the world after they are in service.

This involves negotiating agreements, developing bilateral and multilateral ties, providing consular services to Indian people living abroad, and reporting on social, political, and economic changes in the host countries. Career promotion in the IFS is based on a predetermined route that considers seniority and performance. 

Specialization in a range of diplomatic disciplines is also available. Although the position has its difficulties—managing intricate geopolitical environments and handling diplomatic crises, for example—it also offers chances for professional and personal development, cross-cultural interaction, and support of India’s foreign policy goals.

IFS personnel are expected to follow a stringent code of conduct throughout their employment, which includes upholding diplomatic etiquette, protecting national interests, and portraying India with professionalism and honesty abroad.


Indian foreign service salary is a competitive and rewarding salary package for the officers who are representing India abroad. It is designed to provide competitive compensation for the officers according to their experience. IFS officer ‘s basic salary without allowances started from INR 56100 along with other benefits and allowances it can range to INR 100000 which is increases with experience and promotion.

This entry level salary of an IFS officer bases on the 7th Pay Commission recommendations. IFS grade 1 Secretary of level 17 receives INR 225000 basic pay and in addition to basic pay IFS officer enjoys several allowances including Dearness allowance (DA), house rent allowance (DHA), medical allowance, travel expenses security allowance and allowance for children education. When IFS officers are posted abroad, they receive different foreign allowances which vary and depends upon the country of posting. IFS officers are also entitled to pension and other benefits as per government rules. And IFS officer enjoys a secure and prestigious career while serving India globally along with comprehensive and special salary package.

Indian Foreign Service Salary of IFS Officers

In recognition of the hard labour and great responsibility that come with representing India’s interests overseas, the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) pays its officers attractive remuneration. The Seventh Central Pay Commission’s recommendations control the pay scale for IFS officials. Depending on their grade and level, a probationary officer in the IFS starts off with basic salary ranging from Rs. 56,100 to Rs. 1,77,500 per month. A lot of benefits, which can enhance the total compensation reward, are included to this salary.

According to 7th Pay Commission Recommendations an IFS officer earns INR 56100 to 225000 basic pay and other allowances and benefits.

  • An IFS grade 1 Secretary at headquarters of level 17 receives INR 225000 basic pay and other benefits.
  • An IFS officer grade II additional secretary at headquarters of level 15 receives INR 182200 to 224100.
  • An IFS officer of grade III joint Secretary of level 14 receives INR 144200 to 218200 basic pay and other benefits.
  • An IFS officer of grade 4 Director at headquarters of level 13 receives INR 123100 to 215900 basic pay and other benefits.
  • Junior administrator Deputy secretary of level 12 receives 78800 to 209200 basic salary and other benefits.
  • Senior scale under Secretary of level 11 receives 67700 to 208700 basic pay and other benefits.
  • Junior scale under Secretary at headquarter of level 10 receives 56100 to 177500 pay and other benefits.

Other benefits include accommodation, transport, security, medical facility, free electricity and water, study option for children, pension and retirement benefits.

Officers earn pay rise in line with their career advancement and rank development by getting education and experience of the field. Even greater compensation is paid for senior IFS positions like ambassador and high commissioner, coupled with other benefits and privileges appropriate to their diplomatic rank. Serving in the IFS has several non-financial advantages in addition to financial ones, such as the ability to travel abroad, see different cultures, and have a significant influence on India’s foreign policy and international relations.

What is Indian foreign service salary in UK?

Indian foreign service salary of IFS officers in United Kingdom (UK) is as under.

Under Secretary receives 4000 USD to 5000 USD per month.

In other words, we can say that he earns INR 56100 basic salary, INR 330000 to 410000 foreign allowance and other benefits.

Deputy secretary receives USD 5000 to 6000 per month.

In other words, the officer earns INR 78800 basic pay, INR 410000 to 490000 foreign allowance and other benefits.

Director receives USD 6500 to 7500 per month salary.

In other words, the officer earns INR 118500 basic pay, INR 490000 to 570000 and other benefits.

Other benefits include housing, medical allowance, allowance for children’s education, official vehicle and Leave travel concession.

Indian Foreign Service Salary and Other Benefits

Many people get the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) to be an appealing career choice since it gives its officers with a number of advantages in addition to a competitive pay. The following are some of the main advantages of the IFS compensation package:

1) Notoriety and Acknowledgment: Being a diplomat in the IFS carries a great deal of respect and reputation both domestically and abroad. IFS officials interact with foreign governments, international organizations, and other diplomatic missions on behalf of India across the world. This gives one a sense of satisfaction and achievement in supporting India’s foreign policy goals.

2) Career Advancement: The IFS provides superb chances for professional development and career advancement. Officers have the opportunity to advance through the ranks, with merit, experience, and performance all playing a part in promotions. There are more duties and power associated with senior posts like ambassador or high commissioner, in addition to better pay and benefits.

3) Training and Education: To get ready for their jobs in international relations and diplomacy, IFS officials go through extensive training. Language instruction, knowledge of diplomatic procedure, negotiating techniques, and specialist coursework on a range of foreign policy topics are all included in this. Throughout their career, officers are given opportunities for ongoing learning and development to advance their knowledge and abilities.

4) Universal Healthcare and Retirement benefits: IFS officials and their family are eligible for full-scope health care benefits. They also earn a pension upon retirement, which guarantees them stability in their post-service years.

5) Work-Life Balance: The IFS places a strong emphasis on helping its officers maintain a healthy job-life balance, despite the demanding nature of diplomatic work. Officers are supported by systems of assistance and flexible work schedules that enable them to successfully balance their personal and professional obligations.

6) Competitive Salary: IFS officials are compensated with a competitive package that consists of base pay plus a number of allowances, including transport allowance (TA), house rent allowance (HRA), and dearness allowance (DA). For officers and their families, this guarantees security and financial stability.

7) International Postings: The ability to post abroad is one of the most important advantages of Indian Foreign Service. Officers have the opportunity to live and work abroad, allowing them to see other cultures firsthand and acquire priceless global experience. These job listings frequently include extra benefits including housing, child care, and allowances for living costs.

How to become an Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officer?

To be an IFS officer is a prestigious but challenging job which requires dedication, hard work and consistent effort. Its eligibility criteria include Bachelor’s degree in any discipline, citizenship of India and 21 to 31 years of age, (relaxation in age is also available for certain categories). Its examination process involves three main stages that are conducted by Union Public Service Commission.

  • Preliminary Examination: it is consisting of two objective types papers of 400 marks in general studies and civil service aptitude test (CSAT).
  • Main Examination: it has 09 descriptive type papers of 1750 marks.
  • Personality Test: it is consisting of interview and assessment of candidate’s personality, leadership qualities and communication skills. It is of 275 marks.

Indian Foreign Service (IFS) Salary in USA

Indian foreign service salary of IFS officers in USA is following.

Under Secretary receives USD 4500 to 5500 per month.

In other words, the officer earns INR 56100 basic pay, INR 370000 to 450000 foreign allowance and other benefits.

Deputy secretary receives USD 5500 to 6500 per month.

In other words, the officer earns INR 78800 basic pay, INR 450000 to 530000 foreign allowance and other benefits per month.

Director receives USD 6500 to 7500 per month.

In other words, the officer earns INR 118500 basic pay and INR 530000 to 610000 foreign allowance per month along with other benefits.

Other benefits of foreign service include housing, medical allowance, allowance for children’s education, official vehicle and Leave travel concession.


Overall, an Indian Foreign Service salary (IFS officer’s pay) may vary and based on a number of variables, including rank, posting area, and years of service, but in general, they get a respectable and fulfilling wage in addition to the honor and satisfaction for serving India internationally.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

An Indian foreign service officer of junior time scale earns approximately INR 56100 per month basic salary according to the seventh central pay commission recommendations. He enjoys several other allowances DA, DHA, Medical allowance, travel allowance and etc.

Salary of an IFS officer consist of basic pay, dearness allowance (DA), house rent allowance DHA, traveling allowance (TA), grade pay and special foreign allowance when posted abroad.

Special foreign allowance of an IFS officer depends on the country of posting. It is a compensation for the cost of living abroad. The range of this allowance is from $3,000 to $8,000 per month which depends upon the location.

An IFS officer earns several benefits and allowances including free housing, medical allowance, allowance for children education, travel allowance, official vehicle and many pension and retirement benefits.

After the deduction of different taxes, provident fund and etc., it is started from INR 70000 to 85000 per month at entry level.

Basic pay scale of the officer of both departments is similar and earn same salary in the homeland. But when IFS officer posted abroad potentially earns more by getting foreign allowance.

All the retirement benefits including pension and gratuity according to the rules and regulations of government are granted to IFS officers. They also receive central government health scheme and post retirement benefits.

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