Environmental Conservation

Environmental Conservation: Protection of Nature

What is environment conservation? Environmental conservation means protection of ecosystem and sustainability of biodiversity for the benefit of whole world. This phenomenon is the applicable idea that is concerned with the life line of every living thing. It not only sustains the productivity of natural resources but also ensure ecological balance, that’s why it is crucial for all the nations to conserve ecosystem by tooth and nail.

We are living in 21st century, which is known to be a digital world, globalization century and modern world, as we are going in the way of progress by leaps and bound, then we are losing our share responsibility about environment.

Importance of Environmental conservation

It is an important topic for us because it is helpful for the protection of natural resources. We human beings are relying on forests, rivers, soil and oceans. These natural resources are providing us, our basic needs, so it should be our foremost duty to secure and preserve them for our life, prosperity, happiness and wellbeing.

Human being of today’s world is more important tool for the reduction of environmental issues and for the inflation of natural resources productions. It is important that we should not break the biodiversity chain and cycle of ecosystem should prevail for the enhancement of forest conservation. Firstly, in ecosystem, a food chain is created and this is totally depending on both the contributions of flora and fauna.


The global movement to maintain the natural ecological balance of ecosystems is called environmental conservation. It is an effort to protect and preserve the natural resources. It is the lifeline of our planet and all of its living beings. It is used to mitigate our impacts on the environments and to prevent the biodiversity loss by ensuring the sustainable use of natural resources for our present and future generations. All its efforts often involve collaboration between governments and individuals to address the global challenges like climate change, deforestation, pollution and loss of natural biodiversity. Actually, all of the above said efforts are used to promote the well being of human beings and our Earth.

The foremost natural resource is sun that synthesis the development of flora and fauna intake the flora as food and we, omnivorous takes energy from both resources, if food web is not created the system of ecosystem should devastate the biological balance. Our world is facing heinous threats about environment conservation, such as pollution, deforestation, population, unequal distribution of both natural and artificial resources.

Examples of Environmental conservation

Following are the best examples of environment conservation.

  • Prevention of pollution
  • Recycling of things
  • Tree plantation
  • Water saving
  • Development of green spaces
  • Protection of endangered species
  • Promotion of eco-friendly behaviors and awareness
  • Reduction of waste
  • Restoration of natural habitats
  • Implementation of marine protection practices
  • Use of renewable energy sources
  • Promotion of sustainable agricultural practices
  • Establishment of protected areas

Biodegradable and non biodegradable resources

As we are concerned the most important issue of the world is population. It is rightly said that population is inversely proportion to the resources so as we are eight billion population on the map of this world and the ratio of population is increasing day by day and resources are also decreasing with such pace.

Threats for Environmental Conservation

Important threats of environmental conservation are following.


Population is also a threat for the forest life and moreover for the wild life. For the energy need of human beings, the endangered species of animals are reducing and losing their charms of natural beauty. Climate change also proved to be a staunch danger for the environment conservation. It is due to the industrialization and emissions of carbon gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and methane.

Ozone depletion

Ozone depletion due to green houses gases also severe the position of whole world and increasing temperature also contributed in the parity of environment. Ultraviolet rays and smog and fog and changing pattern of rains and cloud bursts also seem to be the negative role of climate change. Carbon gasses are beyond the limits of borders of the world and destroyed the developing countries which are not only facing economic disparities but also fight with climate change.


Forests are also cutting for the furniture requirements. Deforestation may also cause soil erosion, wind blowing, hurricanes and floods. Pollution also played a pivotal role in the environmental changes. Different types of disease also spread all over the world due to air pollution and water pollution.

Now the world is facing different pandemic issues such as corona virus and different variant. I am not saying that there is direct connection between pollution and virus but it may worst the problem. Environment conservation is legitimate idea that can mitigate the environment related issues and this is need of hours to take such steps under the supervision of this phenomenon to cope against such problems.

First, habitat restoration, should be benefit to counter environmental changes. Governments should take environment conservation as project on priority based. If we not conserve the wildlife then we are not able to protect environment. Deforestation and afforestation should play a key role in the sustainability of wild life.

Reduction of carbon on large scale should be normalize the situation of world. Environmental awareness program should be ameliorating the environment issues and social media and print media should be used as a tool for campaigning of this phenomenon.

Types of conservation

Following are the more important types of conservation.

  • Animal conservation
  • Environment conservation
  • Human conservation
  • Marine conservation

Important projects of Environmental Conservation

The list of important projects of Environmental conservation is given below.

  1. Green Belt Movement
  2. The Ocean Clean Up
  3. Elephant Conservation
  4. Global Tiger Initiative
  5. Rainforest Trust
  6. Giant Panda Conservation
  7. Solar Sister
  8. Reef life Restoration Project
  9. Conservation Canines
  10. Ganges River Rejuvenation
  11. Raising Coral Superheroes
  12. Great Green wall for restoration of peace
  13. Abu Dhabi Marine Restoration
  14. Trinational Atlantic Forest pact
  15. Rainforest and Coastal Conservation in Zanzibar
  16. Getting Dams to go with the flow of Nature

Policy influencers also used digital tactics on international level to propagate this issue and international community should also address this issue for the safety of this world and technology such as drip irrigation system and technical instruments, Dron’s system not only increased the productivity of crops but also used to conserve ecosystem.


To conclude the whole discussion on the topic Environmental Conservation we can say that data collection and analysis are being done throughout from technology and advance precautions from natural disaster that are used for the betterment of world. It is our share responsibility to keep up all our efforts to conserve our environment and 5th of June is celebrated as environment day and its celebration aims and demands to restore the natural ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It is an effort of protecting and preserving the natural resources. It is also a practice of managing natural resources and maintaining biodiversity which can ensure sustainability for our future generations.

It is very important because it has significant role in maintaining the health of ecosystems biodiversity and overall health of our planet. It is helpful in reducing climate change cleaning the air and water and in protecting the endangered species.

There are many threats like deforestation, pollution, climate change, urbanization destruction of habitats, misuse of natural resources and so on.

We can contribute for it by reducing the consumption of energy, recycling, minimizing waste, supporting conservation organizations or by promoting the sustainable practices and policies of environment conservation.

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