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IAS Starting Salary: Special Package of Perks

What is the per month salary of an IAS officer?  The IAS starting salary of junior scale officer is INR 56100 per month without allowances. An Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer’s introductory compensation ranges depend on a set of different factors, such as degree, position, and entitlements. IAS starting salary depends upon the pay scale of an entrance IAS officer that generally range from INR 56,100 to INR 2,50,000 per month.

They also obtain a number of other benefits, like travel, house rent, and dearness allowances, which can considerably increase their overall pay. In addition, the pay scale for an IAS officer covers perks and benefits like government-issued vehicles, official housing, health insurance, and a pension upon retirement.

An IAS starting salary and benefits are appealing like IFS salary and frequently considered as competitive when compared with other Indian professions. In addition, as they advance in their careers and rise through the ranks, they receive pay raises in addition to benefits and more tasks.

Significance of IAS Starting Salary

The starting salary for Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officers is important because it can draw exceptional candidates to the civil service and give new public servants financial security.  First of all, the beginning pay acts as a barometer for the profession’s desirability.

Offering a competitive salary guarantees that the civil services can draw people with different experiences, backgrounds, and specializations, expanding the pool of talented administrative professionals.

Second, given the demanding selection process and the years of preparation needed to pass the IAS exam, the starting salary offers new hires financial security. It allays worries about short-term financial requirements and motivates people to seek public service careers without sacrificing their financial security.

The acknowledgement of government of the value of civil servants and their contribution to national growth and governance is also reflected in the beginning salary. It inspires them to carry out their responsibilities with diligence and show how much cost is presented on their contributions to society.


The Indian Administrative Service is a prestigious career which has a significant role in the formulation and implementation of the policy that derive administrative reforms. The IAS starting salary is an attractive package for those who are interested to join this esteemed service. The service structure of IAS officers is determined by the seventh pay commission which has introduced changes in the salaries of government employees.

According to 7th pay commission entry level IAS officer will receive INR 56100 basic pay without allowances. The officer can enjoy many allowances like Dearness allowance (DA), House Rent allowance (HRA), travel allowance (TA), medical allowance and other benefits like official residence, vehicle along with the driver for official use, water and electricity facilities many benefits of pension and retirement. Salary of an IAS officers increase with promotion and increments. The cabinet secretary who is at the highest level earns 250,000 per month basic salary excluding allowances and other benefits. If you want to get impressive starting salary with unmatched benefits and the honor of serving the nation, step into this highly respected IAS career.

Furthermore, the beginning pay lays the groundwork for IAS officers’ professional development and career advancement. Their pay rises in proportion to the amount of responsibility and career advancement they experience. As a result, the initial salary serves as a springboard for future financial success and stability.

Rank wise IAS starting salary

The IAS starting salary of officers is given below.

  • Subdivisional magistrate having 01 to 04 years of service experience at pay level 10 receives INR 56100 basic pay.
  • Additional district magistrate having 05 to 08 years of service experience at pay level 11 receives INR 67700 basic pay.
  • District magistrate having 09 to 12 years of service experience at pay level 12 earns INR 78800 basic pay.
  • District Magistrate having 13 to 16 years of service experience at pay level 13 receives INR118500 basic pay.
  • The Divisional commissioner having 16 to 24 years of service experience at pay level 14 receives INR144200 basic pay.
  • Divisional commissioner having 25 to 30 years of service experience at pay level 15 receives INR 182200 basic pay
  • Additional chief secretary having 30 to 33 years of service experience at pay level 15 receives INR 205400 basic pay.
  • Chief Secretary having 34 years to 36 years of service experience at level 17 receives INR 225000 basic pay
  • Cabinet secretary having 30 years or more service experience at pay level 18 receives INR250,000 basic pay.

The highest salary and the highest post of an IAS officer

In Indian Administrative Services (IAS) Cabinet Secretary is the highest post which is the result of dedication, hard work and intensive skills and this post is occupied by the officer, who has more than 37 years of service experience.  Indian Administrative Services (IAS) which is an esteemed service and the highest salary of officer is INR 250000 excluding allowances and other perks and many benefits.

Benefits and Allowances of IAS officers

An Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer’s base pay is enhanced by a number of benefits and allowances, which add to their total compensation package. Among the principal perks and allowances are:

1) Dearness Allowance (DA): This benefit is given to employees in order to finish the effect of inflation on their purchasing power. It is frequently revised in accordance with modifications to the cost-of-living index.

2) Retirement Savings: IAS officers are eligible to get a pension upon retirement, which will provide support and financial stability in their later years. Their last salary and the number of years of service is used to calculate the pension amount.

3) Govt. Residences: IAS officers are allowed to housing provided by the government, which can take the form of government-appointed residences or housing allowances for those who choose to live in private housing.

4) Residence Rent Allowance: To help with living expenditures, IAS officers are entitled for HRA. The amount is different in smaller towns and in higher and in metro areas based on the officer’s posting location.

5) Travel Allowance: This is a financial compensation provided to help cover the expenses of official travel. It pays for lodgings, travel, and other related expenses.

6) Facilities of Healthcare: The officers and their families are also eligible to get easy access to government hospitals, medical insurance, and payment for all medical expenses.

7) Leave Travel Concession (LTC): Under LTC, officers are eligible to take to their families on, one or two annual trips to their hometown or any other favorite location, and they are also paid for their travel expenses.

8) Other Allowances: Extra benefits could be paid for professional development, children’s education, leave encashment, or hardship for serving in inhospitable or challenging locations.

Difference between IAS starting salary and IFS starting salary

IAS starting salary

  • Its starting pay scale is junior times scale.
  • IAS officer draws INR 56100 basic pay.
  • IAS officers receive various allowances like Dearness allowance (DA), HRA, transfer allowance according to their posting and many others allowances.
  • IAS officers enjoy facilities such as housing, medical, authority and vehicle in senior scale.
  • IAS officers have structured career with regular career promotion, increments and career progression.

IFS starting salary

  • Its starting pay scale is junior times scale.
  • An IFS officer can also draw INR 56100 basic pay.
  • IFS officers receive various allowances like Dearness allowance DA, HRA, Foreign Service allowance and others.
  • IFS officers enjoy facilities of housing, medical and other benefits of diplomatic career.
  • IFS officers also have structured career with regular career promotion increments and career progression

How to become an IAS officer?

To be an IAS officer is an admired and challenging job which entails dedication, hard work and consistent effort. Its entitlement criteria include bachelor’s degree in any discipline, Indian nationality and 21 to 32 years of age (age relaxation is also available for certain categories).

Its examination process involves three main stages that are conducted under the supervision of Union Public Service Commission.

  • Preliminary Examination: This examination is consisting of 02 objective type papers of 400 marks in general studies and civil service aptitude test.
  • Main Examination: Main examination has nine descriptive papers of 1750 marks.
  • Personality test or interview: This test is consisting of interview and assessment of candidate’s personality, leading qualities and communication skills which has 275 marks.


Despite the difficulties and responsibilities involved, these benefits and allowances greatly increase the total compensation package of IAS officers, making a career in the civil services; an appealing choice. To conclude the whole discussions, an IAS starting salary is praiseworthy, many people are interested to this esteemed career to gain influence in public service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

An IAS junior scale officer earns INR 56100 per month basic pay at entry level which is without allowances.

The IAS officers take different allowances like Dearness allowance (DA), House Rent allowance (HRA), Travel allowance (TA) and medical allowance.

It is started with the percentage of basic pay which revised twice a year, based on inflation and can significantly increase the pay. DA starts at 17 percent of the basic and increases over time.

House rent allowance of IAS officers is different in different cities, in smaller cities or towns it is 8% while in big cities it is16% and in metropolitan cities it is 24% of the basic pay.

The highest salary of an IAS officer is INR 250000 per month without allowances. The cabinet secretary of the highest draws it excluding allowances which is the highest post of IAS.

The IAS officers enjoy many perks such as government residence, official vehicle, subsidized utilities in electricity water and health care. The IAS officers also receive pension and retirement benefits.

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