Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice: Masterpiece of Jane Austen

What is the story “Pride and Prejudice” about? It is an English masterpiece, written by Jane Austen in 1813 in rural setting, is considered one of the most widely read and famous work of its time which had captivated the wide range of reader’s attention. It is famous for its remarkable themes, strong and memorable characters and art of storytelling.

Although there is criticism on it but still writers have believed that it presents the real picture of English society especially in rural areas. In 1797 it was first written with the title “First Impressions” and revealing the requirements of good as well as bad marriages.

Why is Pride and Prejudice novel famous?

It is so famous because it is a love story that follows Elizabeth Bennet, the protagonist of the novel, who belongs to a middle-class family and Mr. Darcy, a wealthy and handsome gentleman who initially does not like Elizabeth but soon falls in love with her and succeed to wins her heart.

The novel reflects strong characters and their complicated relationship with each other. This English novel shows how Elizabeth, an intelligent, wise and independent girl preserved her self-respect and refuses the expected societal norms about marriage which makes the novel a modern novel.

On the other hand, Mr. Darcy who is shown as an arrogant and pride man reflects his true personally. when the novel proceeds, he is depicted as a loyal and honest gentleman who values relationships and mutual understanding in relationships.


Pride and Prejudice is regarded as a classic story of all times. It is a second novel of Jane Austin which follows the story of Elizabeth Bennet; the protagonist of the novel, who is one of the five daughters of Bennet family of England. This novel of manners explores different themes like social class, love and marriage and complex nature of human beings. In this novel Elizabeth meets Mr. Darcy a wealthy aristocrat and she initially find him arrogant and got prejudice against Darcy. When their relationship proceeds after the miss understanding and societal pressure, they fall in love with each other. This novel is a tale of love and wits also offers a panoramic view of 19th century England. It shows the trip of love over expectation of the society so it is still captivating the readers by rich characters, superb prose and skillful exploration of human nature.

Pride and Prejudice; a book of social comedy of manners

It is considered as a book of manners. In this novel whose central theme is love and marriage but Jane Austen the writer presented it in skillful manners. In every aspect of life, the characters follow the manners of the society.

Despite it, the novel portraits a true picture of English society, their custom, class distinction and beliefs about love and arrange marriage. Pride and prejudice not only admirable for its universal themes but also its gentle humor, dialogue and language. It presents the keen observation of human nature and their attitude towards different social classes.

Is Pride and Prejudice available on Netflix?

The story of this novel is available on Netflix but only in the libraries of United Kingdom and Japan.

It is streaming everywhere in dramas and movies.

What are the main points in the novel Pride and Prejudice?

The novel comments on the complexities of human nature, their relationship, the notion of love and societal expectations. Some major themes that are presented in the novel are as under.


Marriage is the central theme of the novel. All the matters and problems revolve around on a suitable marriage. In fact, the opening lines of the novel comments on the need and importance of marriage. In this novel, marriage has been described as a matter of financial and economic security.

The purpose of marriage is not love but status and financial aid but the main character Elizabeth broke the Chain of social expectations and had proved that the only purpose of marriage is to raise love and dignity rather social status.

Austen has presented different type of marriages in this novel that was done for different purpose and at the end leave on reader to decide whether is it right to get married for money or self-respect and love?

The notion of love

Jane Austen has shown the tender and sensitive emotion of love through the character of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. At the beginning, because of class difference they both could not understand each other and their pride and prejudice blind them completely.

But as the novel proceed, in spite of unfair circumstances and misunderstanding between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, they realized their relationship. Through these characters Jane Austen wanted to show the universal force of love and true relationship.

 She also portrayed through the character of Charlotte Lucas, who get married to Mr. Collins, that it is not necessary that every relationship based on love, people make fake relationships for gaining money and status.

Class difference

ln this novel Jane Austen clearly presented the two different classes and problems faced by people from different social background. In Regency England, she had presented the life style of middle class and the attitude of higher class towards them. She satirizes on the attitude of Mr. Darcy and Bingley towards Mrs. Bennett who tries to socialize with them.

Mr. Darcy, the hero of the novel thinks that his bloodline is lofty and he belongs to a very honorable family, Collin, Mrs. Bingley and Whickham considered themselves superior from other class because of their social status.

Through the true love story of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, Jane Austen wants to set the idea that the boundaries of class difference and pride and prejudice are nothing in the face of love. These things are merely hollow things.


Jane Austen beautifully reflects the idea of family in this novel. For her family contains great important in person’s life. In this novel, there has been shown a connection and dependent nature of every individual to the extent that even it has shaped their decision and perception. For example, Mrs. Bingley’s aim was to get her daughters married and her daughters continuously obeyed her for this purpose.

Mr. Darcy, in spite of his independent personality depended on the opinion of Caroline Bingley and Lady Catherine. Through the theme of family Jane Austen tries to covey the idea that family is an integral part of person’s life and it cannot be neglected.


At the end, It is considered as a masterpiece and memorable work of Jane Austen, set against the Regency Era England. It explores the themes of love, marriage, pride and prejudice and societal expectations. It reflects the complicated human relationships their attitude and satires on the English society at that time. Through the two different characters and different social classes Jane Austen has presented the aftermath of the pride and the prejudice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The whole story revolves around the pride of one character and prejudice of other is the pride of their self-respect, dignity and social aloofness which drives the plot and character of the novel. It was a prejudice through which Elizabeth set her judgement about Mr. Darcy.

Marriage plays an important role in the novel. It reflects how the decision of marriage was dependent upon social expectations and economic growth at that time. Marriage is the central theme in the novel, comments about the notion of love, complex relationship and desire of characters in a stratified society.

Elizabeth is the central figure in the novel who resists the expected gender role about women. She strongly denies about the role of women after marriage and raises her voice for her self-respect. She wants a husband who prefers her self-respect and considered her as an equal.

Mr. Darcy initially described as a prideful aristocrat but as the novel proceed, he is transformed as a humble and compassionate individual who values other’s opinion and self-worth. Austen, through the character of Mr. Darcy, highlights the complex human nature and power of love.

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